SEND leadership (Directors' Council 2013) decided that each SEND leader and SEND missionary is expected to develop a annual plan for their own personal development addressing three major areas: their spiritual life, their self-management, and their ministry skills. In 2017, the decision was made to combine the IGP and the AMP (Annual Ministry Plan) into one document.

The Annual Ministry Plan (AMP) is different from the Individual Growth Plan (IGP). Both are a set of goals for the coming year. Nevertheless, they focus on different things. The AMP describes your ministry priorities for the coming year. The IGP on the other hand describes what you plan to do to nurture your own personal growth and development so that you can be better equipped to fulfill your ministry goals. The IGP is a plan to better equip us so that we have the training and knowledge to fulfill our AMP.

The latest version of SEND's complete AMP/IGP Guide can be found:

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Rationale & Explanation

  • Annual Ministry Plan - SEND's International Manual says that "All members will develop clear ministry related goals with their supervisor or team leader based on their ministry assignment." This link will give you an explanation of how the AMP differs from the IGP and what should be included in the AMP.
  • Individual Growth Plan - SEND desires the personal and professional growth of every member of the mission. We therefore want to provide ample opportunities for members to improve their skills and talents and believe this can be greatly aided by having individual growth plans. This link gives further explanation.

How to Develop Your AMP

Each member is asked to develop an annual ministry plan at the beginning of each year. Here is a step-by-step process for doing so.

How to Develop Your IGP

Each member is asked to develop a growth plan at the beginning of each year. Here is a step-by-step process for doing so.

Missionary Growth Areas

Listed here are 32 areas of potential missionary growth, categorized under the three main categories of "Spiritual Formation," "Self-Management" and "Ministry Skills." You can find resources for each of these growth areas


If you would like to do a self-assessment of yourself, based on the missionary growth areas, you can download and fill out this form on the SEND U SharePoint site.

Downloadable forms for the AMP and the IGP

You can download the following Word forms and use them to create your own Annual Ministry Plan and Individual Growth Plan.

Ideas for Learning Activities

We have cataloged many of the resources on the SEND U wiki according to how they might be used in each of the 32 missionary growth areas. The catalog is divided into the following three wiki pages:
Some of your growth areas may also be addressed in a topic on

Examples of individual growth plan

Additional Resources