A wiki is a page or website designed to enable many different people to contribute or modify content just using their web browser. The wiki is updated by Darlene Jovellanos, the SEND U wiki administrator as well as the other SEND U staff. But anyone within SEND International is invited to submit material that they have found helpful in their development of their ministry skills or personal growth.

If you would like to add new resources or edit existing material,
  • join wikispaces
  • add sendu.wikispaces.com as one of your favourite wikispace
  • ask to join sendu
The wiki managers will then receive an email notifying him of your desire to join the wiki. Once you are approved as a member, a little "edit page" will appear in the top right hand corner of each page. If you click on it, you can edit or add resources to any page. Under the menu item "manage wiki", you can upload files (PowerPoint presentations, articles, etc). Don't worry if you have problems with the formatting. Darlene or Ken can correct all that later. And if we find that something has been erased by mistake, we can go back in the history and restore what was deleted.

If you would like to watch a online video tour of how to create and edit a wiki, wikispaces provides several helpful presentations.