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Preparation for April 27 meeting

  1. Prepare brief report from your region or area of responsibility
  2. Review suggested criteria for SEND U Coaching Pool
  3. Review of
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    . Note that I have divided the different curriculum components into core and additional items.
  4. Read my blog post - Teaching children & training adults - there is a difference - not because it is revolutionary but to understand what I am learning about training.
  5. Optional reading - article by J. Robert Clinton on "Leading With A Developmental Bias" - p. 11-16 of this PDF file

Agenda for April 27 meeting

8:00 am, EST
  1. Prayer
  2. Brief report from SEND U Director (3-5 minutes)
  3. Brief report from each LT member (oral - no more than 3-5 minutes each)
  4. Decision on Criteria for members of SEND U Coaching Pool
  5. Review (and further revision) of
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  6. Brainstorming about how to provide learning communities for team leaders in their training experience
  7. Evaluate the need for area or regional team leader training workshops
  8. SEND U advocates within each area
  9. Assignments